Lime_Coconut (lime_coconut) wrote in bad_service,

When restaurants figure eh, everyone likes ranch, right?

This happened several months ago, but I never got around to telling my tale till now.
My office orders out for lunch every Friday, usually mixing up the restaurants for variety. For this particular Friday, we were ordering from a burger place that made some other stuff too, and I decided to get a shrimp salad with avocado (which was an extra charge to add) and I think honey mustard dressing.

When the food came, I had shrimp but no avocado, and there was no honey mustard dressing in the bags. When our receptionist who does the ordering called them back (this was before I even knew anything was amiss) is when it turned kind of weird.

The lady on the phone told her that they only had a few honey mustards left, so she had given us an extra ranch instead. Uh. A) I hate ranch. B) It’s usually a bad idea to just substitute something in someone’s food without notification. I’m not allergic to anything but if they had called I would have chosen something else. C) I’m a customer, aren’t I? Who are you saving those dressings for? Do people who eat in get them before delivery people or something?

So my coworker asked if they could possibly return with the correct or a different dressing. The lady asked if we wanted a refund. No, just the correct stuff. Not sure what else was said but all of a sudden the lady said something like, OK I come give you back your money and take the salad back, then she just hung up. What.

Very strange. I was going to try to eat the ranch anyway, but I ended up finding a vinaigrette left over from a potluck in the fridge so that worked out. Two or three hours later she actually did show up, gave my coworker the refund (sans tip) for the salad, and asked where it was. Apparently that exchange went like:
CW: “Um…it was eaten.”
L: “Well why did I give you a refund then!?”
CW: She had the wrong dressing and there was no avocado. (Thinking, we never asked for one, you offered, yo).
L: *Begrudgingly* OK fine.

So she left. I don’t know. Maybe they were in a rush and she was trying to find the best solution without sending her busy driver back for just dressing. But to demand my salad back in exchange for a refund she offered (hours after lunch…) is something I’ve never encountered before. I don’t think we’ve ordered from there since.
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