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Stupid McDonald's in Namao Center, in Edmonton.

The husband and I had some running around to do yesterday and the Bug, our little demon spawn, was getting hungry so we popped into Rotten Ronnie's for a quick dinner. The order was fine, but the toy that was in my kid's meal has small bits (a travel game) so I went up to the counter to get a Neopets toy. Its a plushie and he got all excited when he saw them.

The Manager (who was working the till) tells me that they don't have any out yet and offered another toy, this time some travel game with even more small parts. I said no thanks and head back to our table to finish eating. About five minutes later we spot some friends and their kid shows us his toy that he got in the meal. It was a Neopets toy.

So I am thinking that maybe the Manager was a bit slow and just cracked the box open, so I go up, with my kid following me and ask if I can switch the toy we already have with a Neopet. The Manager says in this really snotty tone "We don't have them in yet!"

As he was saying this, he was giving three of them to a three kid family. So I pointed it out and he says "Well they are not appropriate for a kid his age" and points to my son. So I toss the toy we originally got with the meal on the counter and I say "And this is ok for my son?"
The idiot exclaims "Well, why can't you just be happy with that?" and walks away from me.

Well excuse me for thinking that a Neopets plushie with a big ass plastic tag on it is more dangerous than a travel game of checkers! I ended just leaving the toy on the counter, which made my kid upset and we packed up and left.

This is the third time in two months, they have tried to pawn off a toy like the checkers game when they have safer toys available and giving us attitude when we ask for something that our two year old can't choke on.

EDIT: This was the shift manager and I am, in an hour, heading down there to talk with the store manager. If nothing comes of it then I am contacting corporate.
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