Duae (duae) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Petsmart Service and Assault

If I hadn't been standing right there I never would have possibly believed it.

My husband and I realized we were nearly out of kitten food around 7 last night. Petsmart carries the brand we like, so we drove out to the store. We just grabbed one of the flat catfood boxes filled with cans and headed to the checkout. As the cashier was scanning them, he found a factory error can. It was sealed, but empty.

So the guy holds it, shakes it, then looks at my husband standing on the other side of the counter a few feet away, flicks his arm back and then flings the can hard at my husband, hitting him in the chest. It's hard enough that the can bounces off him and back onto the counter. My husband yells and jumps back, and the cashier starts laughing.

"What the fuck?!"
"It was really funny!"
"No, it wasn't."

The cashier keeps laughing quietly, then as he finishes running my card.

"But it was really funny, dude!"
"Fuck you." My husband replied, fairly loudly.

If it wasn't for the fact we were both exhausted we would have demanded to see a manager right then. As it was, I plan to call today. Because I have never, ever, seen an employee throw something at a customer and then laugh about it.

The kicker? We got to the car, and the employee had rung up the empty can and charged us for it so my husband had to go back in, walk through the curious crowd, and grab a full can as a replacement.

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