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Not sure if this is bad service or just the way the world works

A Neighbor mentioned this group as a good read/helpful so I thought I'd sign up and give it a try. I came yes to tell my problem but after reading some of the tales here I'm not sure if it fits or if it's even bad service as it is the fault of my fiancée and I. I know we should have been more careful than we were but something just doesn't seem "right" with how things are being done.

to be short I ask these questions of you.

1) when you live in an apartment and you call the front office and you say "Hey this is (me) I'm trying to make sure all bills have been paid can you see if I indeed remembered to pay rent? It seems like I did but I want to be really sure!" and they reply "Yes rent is fine." is it reasonable to assume that they are telling you the truth and rent is paid?

2) When you find out that the above remark of "yes rent is fine." may not have been true and you owe rent after all is it or is it not reasonable to say back "Oh Shit. Sorry. Can I pay the full amount to you when my check comes as I do not have the full amount or maybe you'll take a partial payment and the rest when I get my check in a few days?"

3) Is it Ok and allowed and reasonable to rush your sick fiancée to her heart Dr when she's having chest pains and you called him in a panic and he said "Get her here NOW!!!!!!!!!" when you owe rent? Or are you supposed to just let her die? (I'm not being a smart ass this actually happened and I was told "You owed rent you should have paid rent not wasted your money taking your stupid fiancée to her heart Dr in (town) when (local ER) is the same thing")

and the most important question of them all

4) when you come home from said trip and you say to the Apt Manager/bookeeper/leasing agent/whoever "God I'm sorry we had that emergency! Here let me get you your rent payment right away!" Is it reasonable and right and LEGAL for them to say "NO! We REFUSE RENT! GET THE FUCK OUT!" ?

I'm sorry if these questions seem sarcastic. It's only the fact that this is our first apartment and our first time doing it on our own without fiancée's mothers help (She used to be fiancée's payee now I am) and I don't know what's right and what's not right. We're both disabled and we have No Clue what is and is not correct when it is YOU paying the bills yourself instead of a payee doing it for you.

if none of this is bad service and I indeed was in the wrong to help my fiancée instead of paying rent let me know please. I was just told growing up people are more important than things.

Ok Update. Things are getting weird with a capital W. This morning I called the Sheriff's office talked to the people who handle evictions and asked if we were to be evicted and gave our info the answer was "No eviction has been filed"

I called the courts and talked to a clerk that handles eviction cases is there an eviction ? the answer "No eviction has been filed"

I called the office they said eviction filed court case there.

I called the Sheriff and was told a strange thing "the eviction is filed but they did not pay."

I called the court and was told there was a case on us for breaking and entering the apartment and was given two websites to view the info on. Neither one had record of the case.

I don't know what is happening here. I think we're being scared out. Or somethings up.

No one will give me or us a straight story one.

the latest remark from the office was that they were "on the way" to "serve the eviction" (which according to things I read only a Sheriff can do if I'm reading it correctly)that was over an hour ago the office is two minutes from where we are less by car or golf cart (don't ask)

ETA : our legal aid lawyer said it's hopeless to fight in court the judge doesn't want to hear from us at all cause he doesn't believe in being sick or emergencies or anything. our legal aid lawyer said don't go tomorrow we'll lose and be thrown out on the street fri instead of weds.

this is what she said the judge and the apts lawyer told her to tell us.

Well sir this is the day in a little bit i will go to the courthouse. I'm scared stiff as a board my heart is pounding and I won't say the rest it's ew. But I'll know something soon. It's a "fair" judge I think that was said to ease my pounding heart and sick belly. Did it help? Ask me when I get back.

cross fingers everyone

Well that wasn't so bad. We didn't get to speak but she wasn't mean about it she just called roll (make sure everyone that needed to be there was) and gave a speech about what was going to happen then dismissed us. It wasnt win or lose. But we did move out. on our own. before they could pull anything.
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