♥ I found my star ♥ (foundmystar) wrote in bad_service,
♥ I found my star ♥

Pizza place overcharged me and closed down.

The beginning of last month I ordered some pizzas from B's for pick-up. I paid with my card, and I added a tip to make the price come out even (40.00).

After a few days, I looked over my account and see that they charged me $56.54. I called and spoke to th manager, Joe, he said he'd give me a "free" pizza (more like a pizza I already paid for). I love their pizza, so I said I might call back and order today or within the next couple weeks because I just bought a house and I'm renovating so it's a lot of trouble to go all the way across town.

There was no mention of "hey we're selling the place, make sure to get it soon!" In about a week and a half, I called to order my pizza, it just kept ringing. I make the drive there, and the sign of the old pizza place is still there, nothing looks different. This conversation happened:
L:Lady behind the counter
G: Guy behind the counter

M: Joe told me to come in and get a free pizza since he overcharged me $16+ change.
L: Joe who?
M: Joe, the manager.
L: When was this?
M: About a week and a half ago.
L: None of that staff work here anymore, we bought them out a week ago today. We don't even have the phone working yet. (ODD, because the girl standing next to her worked there before they bought it, she has waited on me a few times before)
G: The pizza tastes the same though.
L: Yes, it's basically the same.

I look up at the menu, it says T's instead of B's. *sigh* I order a pizza (only to discover later that it indeed does NOT taste likes B's pizza)

Within 3 days of me talking to Joe, the place closed down. I'm assuming they overcharged customers knowing that they were closing, and hoping people wouldn't notice until they closed.
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