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Update to "So, why are you here?"

First of all, I want to thank all of you who responded to my entry here. It feels nice to be taken seriously.

But I wanted to do an update on the sitation... bad service at the hospital turned into very good service.

I was feeling super sick today. Super sick. Nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, and dry heaves (because of my stomach operation I can't technically vomit, only mimic the motions). And I was hoping that as time passed, I would feel better, because I didn't want to harrass my mother-in-law needlessly to take me to the hospital. (She is a lovely woman - better to me than my own flesh-and-blood mother - and would never consider that as harrassment, but I have family issues from childhood about being a burden.)

But I didn't feel better - still incredibly nauseous and dizzy. I didn't want to drive the car in my position so I took the train (instead of calling my SIL or another friend like maybe I should've). But the train station is a 7 minute walk from our house and ditto for the hospital so it wasn't too bad.

Even though it was about 4:30 PM it was still kind of out of 'daytime hours' for the hospital clinic (ER, I guess you would call it). So they asked me if my family doctor had sent me (you guys may remember the way the system works here). I said that he hadn't because he wasn't open (he is open Fridays 8:30 -12 and then 4-8 PM. So when I left the train station, it's true, he wasn't open. Hehe.)

So they laughed and said, 'oh, it's fine, that how docs are on Friday, isn't it?'

They were all the nice professionals I had been used to on previous occasions.

Because of the heart palpitations they started me up fast (I have a hole in my heart). They were super thorough about my condition today and looked in the system to get all the background about me (surgeries, procedures, the works). I started crying because I told them I hadn't come sooner because I didn't want to burden them, like I had felt the other day, but seriously, I wasn't making anything up, I really wasn't feeling well. But the ER doctor was really comforting to me as I cried.

Anyway, they did labs, urine sample, condensed neurological exam, etc. They gave me an IV because I had been dehydrated.

Then one of the attending physicians from neurology came down and checked me out. He wanted me to see an outpatient specialist so wrote up paperwork to go to a neurologist and get a head CT/MRI. I was fine with that because I wasn't crazy about the idea of getting admitted. It's not unusual for them to schedule you outpatient with a specialist if they feel like you're not going to keel over right then, but still want to follow up with something they feel like is important enough to need more investigating. They did the same thing for my husband when they felt like he needed an endocrinologist, and they were actually right that he needed more attention.

Besides, that hospital isn't heavy on neurology or vascular medicine or things like that - they will actually refer you to a bigger hospital for that, anyway. But, say, for breast cancer or thoracic surgery, they're a pretty good place to be.

I could tell that the ER doc was really worried about me though. So she was hardcore about making sure that I saw the specialist, and I will.

So I don't think I could have asked for better care. Today, I heard them say, 'we're glad you came here!' :-)
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