bitter_suite24 (bitter_suite24) wrote in bad_service,

Cafe B_S

A number of years ago I was in a cafe attached to the Georgia Aquarium. I'd been there before, and I remembered they had veggie burgers I really liked. This was a self service type place, and as I walked along looking for the veggie burgers I didn't see them. I wondered if they just didn't have any out, so I went up to an employee and asked about the veggie burgers. He told me they didn't sell them anymore, but they had chicken. I told him I was a vegetarian, so the chicken wouldn't work for me. Then I moved on looking at the salads. I thought I was polite to the employee the whole time. (No complaining, no yelling, no getting angry. Just basically, "Okay, you no longer sell what I wanted. Too bad.) As I moved along looking at other food options the employee I'd spoken with went back to the kitchen. As he entered I heard him say, "Some girl just chewed me out cuz we don't have veggie burgers!" One, I didn't think I'd "chewed him out." Two, even if HE thought so and wanted to vent, he really should have waited until I was out of earshot. Sheesh. (Maybe he thought I was out of earshot, but I still think he should have waited.)

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