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TigerDirect B_S... again.

I've been to TigerDirect a total of four times now- two out of those four I've experienced bad service, including my last entry on it, and this one. I do believe in giving business another chance, especially if it's a quick alternative to shopping online, because bad stuff like this doesn't always happen to me in stores. This happened about a month ago, and I JUST NOW got a response/apology from corporate through my e-mail, which reminded me of what happened. After this, though... I'll stick to shopping online. *sigh*

I went to the brick-and-mortar location near my home, hoping to purchase a USB external hard drive and an SD card. I didn't feel like paying for shipping, so I decided to drive there instead (and I was grocery shopping across the street, so getting multiple things done in one run). I walked inside, and politely approached a salesman.

Me: Hi there, can you help me find something real quick?
Salesguy: Sure! What are you looking for?
Me: I'm looking for two things... an SD card, 64GB, and an external hard drive that connects via USB. Can you tell me where they are?
Salesguy: Sure! The SDs are over there *points in vague direction to my left*, and the hard drives are over there. *points in vague direction on the opposite side of where he pointed before, to my right*
Me: ... *a little put off by the vagueness, but I figure I can find it myself* Okay, thanks a lot!

So I walked over to the left side of the store where the SD cards were. I went into an aisle, found the SDs immediately, and they even had the size I wanted in stock. Great! Awesome, one thing off my list. I begin walking to the other side of the store, in the direction the salesman pointed, to find the external hard drive.

I browse 3 aisles... nothing. I'm getting a little frustrated, and it's been 10 minutes of me in the store now. I was hoping to grab my stuff, pay, and leave. I find another salesman- completely different one- and ask him where the hard drives are. He replies "oh, over there" in a bored tone, and points again in a vague direction, where I was just looking. I'm realizing these guys don't want to help me, so I say, "Okay, I looked over there. Do you have a manager on duty?"
The guy immediately changes his demeanor because I asked for a manager, and apologizes and runs off to get one. He tells me to wait there. I do.

A few minutes later the manager comes to me, older guy, asking me what's wrong.

Me: Well, I was looking for [items] and I asked two different people to direct me to where they were, and they just kind of pointed and saw me off. I found the first thing I was looking for just fine, but I can't find the hard drive I want.
Manager: Oh my god, they didn't lead you over? Here, let me help you. (He sounded really upset when I explained to him; good thing I called him over.)

The manager was lovely and led me right to what I was looking for, and even helped me find something I wanted within my budget! I thanked him, and he said no problem and disappeared; I saw him go into the back of the store through double doors. Now that I had my items I was ready to leave. It'd been about twenty minutes now and I just wanted to go home. So I went to checkout and waited.

There was six people in line. Six. I was seventh- and there was ONE guy at the registers, while the other guys were wandering around the store, not even thinking of checking up front despite a line curving around the displays. He was taking his time, chatting with a customer- then another customer huffed and he quickly noticed and began explaining the warrantee of an item and how it worked. The other customers were visibly shifting uncomfortably, one of them checked their watch, things that showed they were impatient and getting frustrated. I was too. I waited another TEN minutes in line, and it was starting to get ridiculous.

A woman in front of me in line goes, "Can we PLEASE get someone else over here?" The cashier kind of just stares at her and calls for backup. WTF, rude.

So a second guy comes over and opens a register. I think, Thank god! He starts ringing people up, and I'm finally next in line (because the first cashier is STILL taking his sweet time with the first customer...)! And he rings the other people up. Finally I'm next and I walk over. He's polite, he asks me how I'm doing, etc. and I think this is going to go just fine! So I go to pay for my items, and take out cash.

The guy stops me and goes, "Oh, uh, I'm only accepting cards right now."
I blinked, stood there in shock, and said, "Are you kidding me?" (Probably a C_S, but god, I was not happy.)
Then I realized- all the other customers had used cards, so they didn't have any issue paying.

Then I'm thinking, he couldn't tell me this BEFORE you started ringing my stuff up? He couldn't tell me this from the start after knowing that other customers and I were waiting in line for an abnormal amount of time, KNOWING he could only accept cards??? Immediately I asked him to get the manager I spoke to before, because I was pissed. The same manager from before came over, and I explained everything- that I had been wandering around the store, waiting in line for a long time, and now this- and I was fed up. The manager was really nice and immediately apologized, said he was so sorry, and that he'd do whatever he could to fix the situation. And right in front of me, he turns to the cashier...

Manager: Do you have cash in your drawer?
Cashier: No...
Manager: So you're telling me you opened this register without a cash drawer?
Cashier: Um... yeah.
Manager: Get OFF the register, go get cash for this customer. Right now.
(I've worked in retail- we have NEVER been allowed to do that where I've worked.)
Me: *feeling bad for causing a fuss, because retail memories* Oh god, I'm sorry-
Manager: No no no, don't apologize. I'll have you rung up and on your way. I'm sorry that you've waited this long.

The manager began going to the other customers in line and apologizing to them individually- which made me feel better, I can tell he really cared. The cashier came back with a cash drawer and reopened the register. He was flustered, and didn't even speak to me throughout the transaction, curtly saying my total when everything was rung up. I gave him my cash, got my change, got everything bagged, and left. I walked back up to the manager and thanked him for his help and got his name.

When I got home, I went to their website and left a pretty scathing review about the associates; though I made sure that I praised the manager specifically by name and said he was extremely helpful and caring. It was nothing rude, but I definitely made it clear that I wasn't happy at first and that the manager saved everything. It still makes me a little miffed when I think about it, but thank god the manager was so caring and apologetic, otherwise I'd have left and ordered it online anyway. JEEZ!

I guess corporate saw my review, and that's why they finally got back to me.

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