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I got married on Saturday. I chose a beautiful golf course that had a patio for the ceremony and a ballroom for the reception with catering through their kitchen.

All in all, the day went beautifully, the weather was great, the space was amazing, the food was SO good, but there were a few things that were just.. bad.

1. The assistant manager, Erika, said all the bridesmaids and I could get ready in a board room just outside the patio. She asked what time we'd like to come, and we said 8:00, which was fine because the maintenance persons open the club early. So I was running late, but two of the bridesmaids and the hair/makeup girl got there at 8 and were curling hair and starting makeup, when the regular manager, Sarah, just came and stood at the door. Makeup girl said she felt like she was glaring at them.

Didn't say anything, just stood there staring. So MG was like.. "Are you Sarah? Hi!" and Sarah pranced in the room, sat at a chair, crossed her arms and just said "Yep." then sat there staring at them for like ten minutes. Made everyone super uncomfortable. Then walked out without a word.

2. I had a song on my iphone that I wanted played for the walk down the aisle. We tested it before everyone got there, then I gave Sarah the iphone right before the ceremony so she could go start it. She never gave it back. I spent like an hour with my mom, bridesmaids, guests looking around for my phone - wasn't plugged into the speaker system any more, wasn't given back - finally a kitchen staff member found it in someone's office. That was just weird.

3. We had a groomsman in a wheelchair, which everyone was made aware of weeks in advance. The place is not wheelchair accessible in the front, so the groomsmen would band together and lift M up and down the stairs. When it came time for pictures, we arranged a line of golf carts to take us around the course for on course photos. Erika looked at us, turned up her nose and said "Well, M has to stay here, obviously, because he's in a wheelchair." M was really sad and just said to us, "Oh, I guess I can't come but you guys go have fun with it". Hubby was like "No, he's coming, the wheelchair can fit in the back of the cart and we can help him in and out." and Erika gave attitude that we'd even suggest such a thing. I can understand a worker coming up and asking if we can make it work or suggesting that it may be difficult, but we had four other groomsmen and the groom who were more than willing to help him in and out to make it work, and I didn't like the better-then-you attitude she threw at him when talking about it.

4. I rented a projector for the day, which was never set up. Finally when the dinner started, I asked for the projector and they spent twenty minutes hooking it up and testing the sound and there was big feedback screeches. Just seems like something that should have been set up before the room was full of people. I finally got it all set up, and unhooked the audio cable from the laptop, and Sarah said "Just signal and one of the workers will come push play and hook the audio back into the laptop". So I signalled, they walked up, pushed play on the slideshow - and then hooked the audio up into someones phone and pushed play. I was like, "No, the audio goes into the LAPTOP" and they fumbled around for a few more minutes and had to restart the slideshow.

5. One of the kitchen staff kept following one of my bridesmaids around. Saying things like "Your dress is so beautiful, so is your name, you must hear that a lot, here let me carry that for you", but seriously would not leave her alone or clue into her gestures that he was making her uncomfortable. She's a married woman, and yes she's beautiful but she's also super shy. She's polite, she told him she was married, and he still kept following her around all night laying it on thick. Dude, you're working, don't hound my bridesmaids.

6. This one is probably the biggest one, though it was after the wedding was done. I talked to Sarah at the end of the night, and she said "Just move everything into the board room and you can leave the arch up outside and come in tomorrow to get it all back, we have nothing planned until Monday so it's fine." So we moved everything over at the end of the night, organized everything, took a car full just so it wasn't so full and left. Came back the next morning and the kitchen manager saw us and said "You're going on the patio to get your arch too?" and we said yes. Then another kitchen staff came out and said "Oh, do you need to go get your arch?" and we said yes, they said okay and walked back into the kitchen.

About ten minutes later we were done loading everything from the boardroom and went out to grab the arch, only to find that the patio door is locked so once we were outside, we were stuck. It's a high up patio, so we couldn't even climb over and go back around. The kitchen wall is adjoining the patio wall, and we kept knocking and banging on the wall. It was so weird, because I could HEAR THEM banging cutlery around doing dishes, so I found it off that they apparently couldn't hear me banging loudly on the wall. I tried calling every number listed on the website, including the kitchen manager who we had just talked to, and no one ever answered. Finally a golfer below heard us and came running around to let us out. We were stuck on the patio for HALF AN HOUR. Came back in and realized the reason why the kitchen "couldn't hear us" was because they decided right when we stepped out to start blaring heavy metal. It wasn't playing when we went outside.

The kitchen manager comes out, and says "Uhm, we gave you keys." and we were like "No, no one gave us keys, you asked if we were going out and we said yes and you walked away." and she was like "Oh, well whatever, if you had keys you would have been able to get back inside."

Nice to know, now.

So I left Sarah a message about the incident, and her only response? Was "When are you coming in to pay". I told her, we had arranged for us to come in on Sunday to pay when we picked our stuff up but Erika, second manager, wasn't around, the office was empty and locked and she wasn't answering her phone, and Sarah was like "Oh, well she was supposed to be here until 7:00, when are you coming into pay." I told her we could be there in an hour. Came in and paid, not a single word of apology for us being locked on the patio for half an hour.

Other then the weirdness from the staff of the venue, the wedding was great. Slight hiccup when the commissioner read the entirely wrong names. Our names are Cristi and Dana, and she said "We are gathered here today for Ryan and Nicole".. I glanced over and whispered "THOSE AREN'T OUR NAMES" and she kind of giggled and re-did it. Not as bad as the story I just heard this morning from my manager, who I guess had a commissioner who had just written a book and spent the first five minutes of their wedding promoting herself and her new book before even getting into the wedding. I had to giggle about it. Now I call my hubby Ryan.
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