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bank suck

So for the last three months, I've been cashing and then depositing my work checks at the Citizens Bank across the street from my work when I'm on my break on pay day. They've always put them in as cash so the funds are available right away. I've seen four or five different tellers in the last three months that have done this.

I've been out of work sick for a few weeks, so I didn't get my check til Monday of this week and I didn't get a chance to go to the bank until Friday. I ended up going to the one closest to my house, rather than the one near work. (I realize now I could have deposited it from my bank app, but that literally didn't occur to me until this moment.) So I went to the counter, politely asked to have my check cashed and then deposited. The girl looked a little confused and asked me to repeat myself, so I did. She handed me my slip and I went to walk away when I noticed that the funds from the check were on hold.

I went back to the window to ask what was going on, because I hadn't had this happen. The girl was new, so the man sitting beside her told me he'd look at it real quick and make sure she didn't hit the wrong button. He looked it over and realized that my work check was from a different bank than Citizens. He asked me if they were all drawn off this bank and I said that yes, they were the same checks I'd been getting and cashing/depositing at the other branch. He then told me that they're not supposed to do that, there's supposed to be an overnight hold on ALL non-bank checks.

This is not the suck. The suck is when the supervisor (not manager, this is important) came over and got downright RUDE with me. She had this snarky ass tone and she kept accusing me of trying to "work the system". I kept my cool and informed her that I had been doing this same thing for months at the other branch and she said that it must have been a manager override and since they didn't have one on duty at that moment, they couldn't override it. I told her that I had seen 4-5 tellers and none of them were managers (the managers have a pin under their name tag to signify their status). I then said that the branch I had been visiting was directly across from my place of work so perhaps they felt more comfortable putting it in as cash.

She continued to berate me, like I had coerced them into cashing the checks and depositing them immediately. I didn't even know it could be done until the first girl did it for me back in July! After that, she told me to just ask to cash and deposit and they'd make the funds available right then and there. I had no idea this was against policy. Once she was finally done with her "lecture", I turned to the man that had looked into it and thanked him for his help before making it a point to ask where there were other branches closer to my house. (I know where they all are, I was just feeling a little passive aggressive after being talked down to like I was a bank robber.) He just smirked at me and handed me a card, shaking his head when the supervisor walked away.

I mean, I totally get that some branches will do things differently, some feel more comfortable with certain things. But to treat me like I've been doing something illegal on purpose? Doesn't sit well with me. Now that I've remembered that I can deposit through my bank app on my phone, I think I'll be doing that if I can't get to the other branch to deposit.

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