littlekitt (littlekitt) wrote in bad_service,

Forgetting About Patients is a no-no

I woke up with a weird red rash-looking thing on my neck. Also my face and eyelids were red-purple so I went to the emergency room as it was on such short notice. I understand there is going to be a wait. So when they got me in relatively fast I was happy, until they took my blood and urine sample to test. It took a while, so while I was waiting, I asked the nurse if the tests has come back. She said yes they have, the doctor just has to speak with me about it. I'm like, cool, i'll get to leave and maybe even get to go to work today, as I had to call in to come here. So I waited another 2 HOURS and finally a lady comes in and just asks if I had an IV, I said yes and she undid it and handed me a form to sign, which said that I had no other questions for the doctor. Thoroughly confused I stared at her and she askes if I did have any other questions. I told her that they didn't give me my results. Come to find out the doctor and nurses forgot about me and were just going to give me release papers to go...This is the same hospital that stuck me with an IV 3 times last time and still couldn't get a vein.

I did find out the redness was broken blood vessels caused by vomiting, but they didn't know when it would go away...
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