_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This is actually some bad service, and some good. The good, is that she helped. The bad follows.

I called up Washington Mutual. Let me give you a little info. I'm 18, and I have no money whatsoever. I'm so broke. I work at Del Taco, and get maybe 600 a month for that. 200 of it goes to my ridiculous T-mobile phone bill, and about 50 to 60 for gas [I drive a lot]. I've had a few times where I accidentally overdrew my account. So I got charged overdraft fees. And, ya know, that's my fault. I was not responsible and I recognize that.

But about a month ago, I went on a trip to Greece [paid for by my dad and my grandpa]. I used the ATM in some random town to get money, and JUST NOW they charged me a 9 dollar ATM fee. Making my account negative. This ties in with the fact that I'm so broke I don't even have 9 dollars in my account [but, in my defense I haven't worked in over a month and I don't get paid for another week]. So, I call up WAMU, and ask them if I could freeze my account. My brother had to do this when he overdrew his account [by a ton of money] and they did it for him. Different bank, but I just wanted to know. They said they can't freeze accounts. The lady was just blunt. "No. We can't. Anything else?" "Well, I am looking online and it says ATM fee... and balance inquiry fee... it's negative about 9 bucks. If I go into the bank and put in cash, would you still charge overdraft if it's an ATM fee?" All I hear is a loud sigh. Ok, I might not know a lot about bank accounts. I'm sorry. Forgive me, I'm 18, it's my first account. Another loud sigh and a, "You do know that if it's an ATM fee or a balance inquiry fee, we don't charge overdraft. Right?" "Well, no I didn't know that". Another loud sigh. Wtf. "Well, we don't. Is that it?" "So, if I go check on my account in a couple of days, I won't see an overdraft fee for this?" "NO." "Well, then I don't need anything else. Thank you very much" "Yeah, right, have a greaaaat day".

Why do people have to be like that? I'm not sure if my questions were really stupid questions. I'm sorry if they were. But I don't really feel like getting charged 22 dollars for something going through my account that I didn't know would go through. A 9 buck ATM fee after a month? I didn't know that would happen. But I just didn't think the lady should have been sighing and acting sarcastic, and her voice sounded like she really wanted to say, "You stupid fuck". Am I wrong for being annoyed?
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