Zelda (zelda_dragon) wrote in bad_service,

Definitely a WTF

More a WTF than bad service, and if anyone knows what actually happened here I would be glad to hear it!

I was out of state for a family emergency over the weekend and was flying home late last night. The airline is not relevant to the WTF. The boarding went well, the flight attendants were kind and happy, the plane was full and eventually the passengers were all seated. It was a snappy new plane, too; everything was shiny and new and high-tech. So as usual, the doors closed and the pre-flight info video started.

But then, as we were backing away from the gate, the entire plane lost power.

Lights, air ventilation, engines, everything completely shut down all at once. And since the plane was already moving so quickly, we kept moving, backward, until the plane stopped on its own. Then we just sat there, in the dark and silence, for ten minutes.

I was in an aisle seat, so I leaned out to look down toward the front of the plane. The attendants looked rather nervous, and one of them was at the door to the cockpit trying to talk to the captain. He wasn't responding to her. This is a "what the fuck is going on" kind of thing, but the real WTF about this happened afterward.

The plane turned back on, so to speak. The engines fired back up, lights and air came back on. The captain said nothing to us - to the passengers, to the flight attendants - and backed the plane right up, turned in onto the tarmac, and took off. In the plane that just lost power. The passengers were looking around at each other, nervous and weirded out.

THAT was the WTF.

All I wanted was an explanation as to why this new plane just turned off while we were moving. Because really, could it happen while we were, you know, flying? Even if it was something like, "Oh, sorry! It's a push-to-start plane, wrong button!"

I don't get nervous flying. I fly a lot. Turbulence doesn't bother me. Waiting an hour on the tarmac doesn't bother me. This bothered me.
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