BadgerBabe (badgerbabe) wrote in bad_service,

It's a minor suck I guess but it still irritated me.

We went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell.  There were a few cars but the line was moving pretty quickly until we get to the window.  Then we just sit and sit.  I can see them making food and it appears that they are making things out of order.  Then I see the drive-thru cashier stick a couple of foil-wrapped burritos in a bag.  I turn to my husband and say "If that's our bag, it's wrong.  Nothing we ordered is wrapped in foil."  A couple of minutes later, she hands us the bag, we count the items and pull away.  Before we leave the parking lot, I decided to double check because there are indeed foil-wrapped burritos in the bag.  Now, they could have run out of regular wrappers and I almost didn't check but, sure enough, I open the wrapper and it's a grilled burrito.  I ordered the Beefy Five-Layer which is not grilled.

The lobby didn't look busy so I decide to go in instead of sitting in the drive-thru, thinking it would be quicker.  I take the bag and receipt in and show them that we've gotten something we didn't order (everything else was correct).  The front end cashier takes the burritos back and I hear her tell them it's not what we ordered but don't hear their response.  She comes back out with the same two burritos in her hand and tells me that they are what I ordered.  I say, "No, it's not because Five Layers aren't grilled." and she tells me that he grilled them "on accident."  I tell her I don't want them grilled (I hate the way the grilled burritos taste) so she goes back and tells them I don't want them.  And I wait.

The cashier comes back out and takes a few orders then goes back and I hear her ask for one of the burritos I just brought back.  She then goes in the corner and starts eating it and I'm still waiting.  She eventually comes back around and I ask if I'm going to get my burritos soon (it's been a good 5-10 minutes now to make two burritos).  She comes back and tells me they ran out of nacho cheese and had to run back to get some.  I finally get my burritos about 15 minutes after I went in.

The thing that really irritates me about the whole thing is that they knew they made them wrong and still gave them to me.  I guess they hoped I wouldn't notice until we got home.  Also, I know, I know, Taco Bell, but ours is usually pretty good, especially if our favorite, Brenda, is working.  She always double-checks the orders.

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