Beleiri (beleiri) wrote in bad_service,

Snippy Cinema Service

I've just been pointed here, I had no idea there was such a vast outlet for my poor customer service rage!

My story:

My boyfriend and I decided to go to a particular cinema in town because his credit card company has these things called 'mates rates' which means he gets discounts at different companies. At the cinema in question his card gets all movie tickets any day at Tuesday discounted prices (it's a savings of something like $3 a ticket so well worth it).

Me: Me!
MM: The Man Meat aka my boyfriend
SB: Silly bint behind the counter

MM: Two tickets for Mr & Mrs Smith please, and I'll be paying with a Virgin Credit Card so I get mates rates.
SB: Sure!

Because we're paying with credit card we have to go to this other area where the receipts printed out. I had an inkling this woman was totally ignoring us about the Virgin Credit card because her facial expression didn't change to show she'd registered what we meant, so I made sure I checked the receipt as MM was signing it.

Me: MM, she's charged us full price for those tickets, not the discounted price. (to SB) You've charged us the full price for these tickets but we have a Virgin Credit Card, remember? We get mates rates by using this card.
MM: (sighs and crumpled up the eftpos thing he has to sign and puts it in his pocket) I'm sorry but you have charged us the wrong price for these tickets, it's a Virgin Credit card so we get mates rates. We get our tickets at the Tuesday prices.
SB: (looking a little alarmed that MM won't give her the authorisation for the credit card back) Oh right, I see.

We all walk back to the counter again where she processes tickets.

SB: (turns to co-worker) Co-worker, what day is it today?
Co-worker: Uh, Monday?
SB: That's what I thought. (she looks back at us victoriously) I can't sell you tickets at Tuesday prices because it's Monday (little eye roll).
Me: (getting angry at her attitude) No, listen to us. It is a Virgin. Credit. Card. The mates rates. On the card. Means that we get any tickets. On. ANY DAY. at Tuesday discounted prices.
SB: No, that can't be right.
MM: It IS right, you've charged us the wrong prices. Look, is there someone else, like a manager or something who can process this for us? It's a deal on the card, we really wouldn't have come here tonight if we'd not gotten the cheaper prices.
SB: (calls another co-worker) Is there something with Virgin Credit cards I'm supposed to do? (glaring at us)
Another co-worker: Yeah, you just press the button on this screen and there you go, Virgin Mates Rates.
SB: Oh. (looks like she's about to crawl off and die)

After all that stuffing around with this rude little madam the manager gets called down because they need him to process the credit card reversal, who is royally pissed and apologising like crazy for his staff (really I thought it was partly his fault for not training this girl properly but she didn't need to take on that attitude with us regardless) and put the whole thing through again. We ended up with a set of free tickets because he processed the whole sale again, not just the credit card part and didn't ask us for the tickets back and as we were meeting friends (who were thankfully late, it took ages to get this mess sorted out) we gave them the tickets figuring it was our payment for putting up with SB.

I only hope that girl learned a valuable lesson not to act patronising to customers just in case that for once they are actually right.

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