ropemaker (ropemaker) wrote in bad_service,

Sony Entertainment Network

So someone used my email to set up an account on their network-- in Japan. I live in the US and sadly do not know Japanese. I contact support, wait in their online chat support for awhile. No biggie, I should be cleaning up the house anyways. Finally I see that I'm down to number 4 in line so I sit down and wait. A chat comes up, I explain and then he tells me I have to contact Japan Support.

Well that would be fine and dandy right? No. No no no no. The website is all in Japanese (understandably because it is geared towards people in Japan-- why the hell would it be in English?) and looks nothing like the US webpage so I can't even use that to help me navigate. I try googling their live chat option in Japan, no luck. So I have no idea what to do right now. The person isn't using my credit card info, but still seems scammy to me. It really bothers me that there isn't an easier way to solve this. Fail Sony. Fail.
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