philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Just moved into a new apartment complex. For the most part, I've been happy, especially considering how low the rent is. However, I have a few quibbles. Small things on their own, but add up to a bit of an annoyance (especially considering it turns out my roommate sets her alarm for 4:30, which isn't bad service, but adds to the frustration of the new apartment, and the fact that I now have an hour and a half commute to school).

1. The complex no longer accepts packages. You either have to have them sent to your PO box (if you have one) or to a friend/family member to pick up from there. Only no one told me that until I arrived, so several packages I mailed to myself have been sent back to my old address in a different state. Still not sure how I'm going to get those back.

2. Because I was out-of-state for the summer, the complex was going to make my key set and give it to my roommate so I'd have it when I arrived. Only they didn't. And no one told the weekend office person where the keys were, so when I arrived on a Friday night there were no keys. And I had to wait until Monday to get them. And now it turns out they gave me the wrong mail-box key or made the key wrong or something. And because I have class all day today, I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to go into the office.

3. You can pay your rent online by direct deposit. However, they only allow one account to be attached per apartment. And they don't like taking checks at the office (though they told me if I had to they would take it). What they want us to do is my roommate pay the whole thing and then me pay her. Which is what we'll do, but I don't really get why we can't attach a second account.
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