Saitaina (saitaina) wrote in bad_service,

...I just want mah money...

Alright, I have a state provided home health care worker. In the state of Oregon, if you're over a certain income level and have said service, you have a pay-in. Due to the fact I be poor, but still above that level, I occasionally had to use the pay-in amount to pay a more important bill like electricity, but always made it up next month (sucky, yes, I know, bad me).

After over a year of this (it was a bad year), the state finally decided to sue me for money owed, even though I paid them, because they couldn't figure out the overpayment was for the month due and sent it back to me (...okay then).

During the court case, it was discovered I was never supposed to pay-in in the first place, and they owed me over a year of payments back (around $2400). This happened in May 2014.

It is now August of 2014 and I'm still waiting. Not quietly, I harass my (case)worker every two weeks ("Where's the check?", "What does Salem say?", "how's your week?"). I'm getting a little frustrated here as I need that money and I understand they can't just hand it over instantly...but I think three months is more than enough time.

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