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Honda is driving me around the bend

About 4 years ago I bought a brand new Honda City (or as I now like to call it, the Honda Shitty). it came with an extended warranty and it was blue and Honda's are meant to be good cars. Next time I wont waste my money.

Two weeks ago I took it in for a service with KMart Tyre and Auto*, who informed me that the rear shocks were leaking, something they had never seen in a Honda. They quoted $500 to replace the shock absorbers. I said this will come under warranty so I will take it back to Honda instead of paying for the repairs.

I call Honda, they put me through to the dealer (prestige Honda, Melville) to book the car in. they don't tell me at any point here that they are just booking my car in to inspect the shockies to ensure that what KTAS said and put on their mechanical report was true. I don't find this out until they call me 4 hours after I dropped my car off. They were aware when they took the booking that there is an issue with the shocks but they don't have any in stock and they will call me when they arrive in a week or so.

today is one week. I call up to find out when they will call me. From experience I know they are not good at calling. when I bought my car it sat there for two days ready for me to pick it up, while I was waiting for them to call me to say it was ready. I really dislike this dealership.

when I spoke to them today I spoke to Emma, who was lovely. she seemed to spot an issue and requested to call me back. when we next spoke she informed me that only one shock absorber arrived and it would be another week until the second would be in the state because it travels by road (it take things a week to travel less than 3500kms from Melbourne to Perth),, but she booked me in for after it arrived and organised a free loan car for the trouble. I thought everything was fine.

When I got home there was a message on the answering machine from Emma informing me that only the one shocky was being covered under warranty and that they wouldn't be able to give me the loan car. also that if I wanted the second done, there would be a charge.

it is here that I note that Prestige Honda never gave me a report on the work that needed to be done. KTAS definitely wrote rear shock absorbers (plural) were what needed replacing on their report.

I also brought up with the dealer, and with Honda Australia an issue with the wear on my carpet on the drivers side, particularly under the clutch. when I brought this up with a different dealership (Burswood) when I had a service there, they simply told me that I should have got floor mats. I don't like floor mats. if they get loose they get very danagerous. when I brought this up with prestige when they examined my shockies, they said the carpet only has a one year warranty. when I brought it up with Burswood, it was definitely within that warranty as it was my 10000km service.

Also, for a brand that is meant to be more 'prestige', I would expect tyres that are designed to last more than 30000kms. the Tyre place I went to said the size tyres for the Shitty should last between 30000 and 50000kms. so with the tyres lasting only 30000kms, I tink they put the most budget tyres on my car

The final gripe is the battery. my car is 4 years old and needs a new one. OK batteries don't last forever, and Honda only give a 6 month warranty on batteries. it concerns me that if the battery exipires between 6 months and 1 year, you get a 50% discount on the replacement and between 1 year and 3 years you get a 25% discount. if they put a quality battery it would come with a three year warranty. I wouldn't buy their batteries because obviously they are not 'prestige'

The first red flag was when they tried to sell me roadside assistance with my new car. pity it was too late to get out of the deal by then, else I would have.

currently I am just hoping my car is not pulled over for an inspection, because it could be deemed not roadworthy with the leaking shocks. Thank you Honda.

*under Australian consumer law, manufacturers cannot void your warranty for going through a mechanic that is not one of theirs or their chosen mechanic. I know this, they know this. Many dealers try to tell you otherwise, I just explain the concept of third line forcing to them when they do.

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