philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Wasn't going to post this because it is such a small thing. But since it has now happened twice, I am going to post.

So I've lived in a dorm-like facility this summer. My room is on the third floor. When I order food, I have to go down to the front desk. The front desk people can't leave their station, and there are no phones in the room. So unless a delivery driver calls my cell phone, I do not know that person is there.

Papa Johns has had this special where when the Nationals win then pizza is 50% off. So twice in the past month I've ordered pizza. and waited and waited. And then called only to find out the driver just left the pizza at the front desk without calling me. And the person on the phone acts annoyed that I called like I should have known it was there. And so I go down and my pizza is cold.

Both times I contacted Papa Johns on the website. Both times they said they had forwarded my concern to the individual store. Both times I received no response from the store.

So while I really like their pizza, I won't be ordering again until I get back home in the fall.
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