it's a secret (strwbrri_shrtck) wrote in bad_service,
it's a secret

Surprise! You are paying for something you don't have!

I apologize if this is written poorly, but it did just happen and I'm a little pissed.

Almost two months ago, my fiance called our cable provider and downgraded our service.  We're both college students and don't really have a lot of time to watch TV in the first place, and it was starting to get expensive for a glorified dust collector.  Basically, we went from having a DVR and two cable boxes, premium channels and great internet, to only having one basic box with basic channels and good, but not great, internet.  To do this, my fiance had to go to the customer service center, physically hand in the DVR and two boxes, and they gave him the basic box that same day.

Well, it's almost time for our bill to be due, so this is about the time of the month where we sit down and make sure everything is in order.  We pull up the cable bill online and it still hasn't changed.  We're still getting charged as though we have the DVR and premium channels.  So my fiance calls to talk to them and...

It turns out that when he physically handed in the boxes, they never updated the account.  So, we're paying for something we physically DO. NOT. HAVE.  Of course, he wants to be transferred to cancellations, and they are trying their best to hold on to us as customers.  He keeps repeating, "no, I just want to cancel".  Finally, they transfer the call, and he randomly gets disconnected after being on hold for several minutes.

He calls back, and gets to cancellations.  They keep trying to verify that we don't have the boxes.  Finally, they let him cancel the service.  He's going to go to the customer service center and hand in the box, hold on to the receipt and make sure they update the account as canceled and equipment turned in.  They claimed that they would take care of this past month's bill, but I'm hesitant to believe that, since it seems that no one in the call center or customer service center know how to update an account.

tl;dr: still getting charged for a DVR and cable services after downgrading almost two months ago
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