Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Italian Bakery Woes

Went to my local Italian bakery for lunch just now and they were busy (standard for them because their food is good).

I've never had a problem with them before but today they were too busy I guess and had stuck the new girl on cash (I've seen her weeks before struggling with the bakery section albeit she was polite then). Everyone was hot and frustrated and trying to make pizzas asap so I can understand why it happened.

The bakery counters are an upside down u-shape with coffee bar and baked goods on the right (two cash registers), a hot food counter at the back, and a pizza and deli counter on the left with one cash register. Usually there's confusion as to how and where to order (you can do the pizza at the bakery counter because it's one flat price, and hot counter can be done anywhere.

Husband wanted pizza so he went to the pizza counter to see what they had as I decided what I'd like. We ended up in line (accidentally, people lined up behind us) so we decided to just stay there when I picked out a deli sandwich.

While we were waiting in line we couldn't help but overhear a lady ordering in front asking about meat on her pizza. In the pizza display case there were two very identical looking pizzas above/below each other. One had a spicy salami cheese and green vegetables, the other had tomato sauce, cheese and basil leaf. She kept asking about meat? She wanted meat and the woman behind the counter kept insisting that the one she wanted only had cheese so the customer relented and took the cheese one. Husband tried to speak up and clarify that the customer was pointing to the one up top but the woman behind the counter shut him down, "no that's not what she wants." Okay, our bad. Maybe we misunderstood. But then the lady starts asking for some salami to put on her pizza! Because (guess what?) she wanted meat. But the lady behind the counter dismissed her and told the cash register lady that they were done and to move on to the next order. Customer, defeated, goes to the side to wait.

Then husband orders his slice and my sandwich. There's some confusion as to the sandwich name but as soon as she realize it's a deli sandwich (she's standing between the deli and the pizza counter, there's no closer register mind you) she tells us, "someone else will help you with that. Next order?"

And we're kind of flabberghasted. Who? She didn't motion to anyone? Can't we pay for it? We waited in line like everyone else? Our pizza slice is still on screen we haven't paid for it, what's going on?

Then the lady behind her starts arguing loudly with her about something and we decide we've had enough and will find lunch elsewhere.

Edits to fix silly autocorrects, sorry.

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