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I have a couple from our day out today.

First, we were at Walmart. My boyfriend was putting stuff on the belt, as the lady in front of us was paying. He was putting a box of aspirin up, it slipped and slid toward the scanner. The cashier swatted it away roughly and he turned to her and apologized. She gave him a dirty look and said loudly "WELL IF YOU HADN'T BEEN THROWING STUFF IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED, DON'T SLIDE STUFF AROUND ON MY BELT!". Wow, lady. Chill.

This is more of a WTF: I have a little cosmetology school under my belt as well as some beauty supply experience. I'm not just a typical customer who wanders into a salon. As a salon who's advertising color services, not just that, but because with more and more people going with untraditional colors, you would think that they would know what a cleansing conditioner is. I went to two salons to see if they had a sulfate and paraben free shampoo because my hair is currently dyed bright red. I use cleansing condtioner but I was looking fo something gentle for every day use. I explain what I'm doing, and all that gets heard is cleanser... and they assume I mean clarifying shampoo, which will strip the color fast. I corrected the first girl and it was like she didn't even hear me so I gave up at that salon. The second one, I corrected her, and she handed me a shampoo... that wasn't anything close to what I asked for. So I ended up just going to Sally's. I'm sure it's my area of the country and how behind we are, but holy moly. This is why I do my own hair.

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