philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Bad movie service turned sort of good

So, I use Fandango for movie tickets all the time. Really convenient and easy. Never had a problem until last Friday. I was ordering multiple tickets. I had a new credit card, so I had to change the information from what was saved in the system. I got multiple error messages, but the thing finally went through. I got the confirmation page. Everything was fine, or so I thought.

Now I probably should have checked the actual ticket email, but the movie wasn't until next week and I'd already seen the confirmation page. I happen to glance at the email Friday night late only to see that it is the completely wrong ticket. It is for a movie I never even looked at on Friday night when all the tickets I had been buying were either for Saturday or next week.

So I chat with their support person. We go back and forth for a while. When she realizes that it was a system error on their part, she talks with her supervisor and the theater (or so she says) and tells me that I would get a full refund. I just had to go talk to the theater manager on Saturday and it would be taken care of.

So come Saturday, I do what she says. I talk to the manager at guest services in the theater. He tells me that no one contacted them, that they never give refunds for showings that have already finished, and that there was nothing he could do for me.

So I chat with another person. He tells me that I'll get my refund, he just needs to talk to the theater and that he would email me with what to do as soon as he got ahold of the theater. Two days later and no email. So I chat with a third person. That person says that I'd get my refund and that he'd email me what to do within 3-5 business days.

So tonight I get an email from the theater manager. They said that due to Fandango's policy Fandango can't refund me and due to theater policy he can't refund me. So he offers me two re-entry tickets (which I guess is good for anything, according to his email, unlike a pass which is limited).

So that's better than a refund on the one hand. On the other hand, Fandango kept promising me a refund and giving me the runaround and I'm still rather annoyed at them. And also, it feels wrong to me that the theater is out two tickets when the problem was on Fandango's end. They should be the ones paying, not the theater.

TLDR: Fandango's website has errors and gives me the wrong thing. Promised resolution never materializes, though the theater itself ultimately gives me something better.

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