Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in bad_service,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

Bad service vs keeping animals healthy

Ok....another list of what is bad service, vs keeping animals healthy

Bad service would be taking in everything people call up about, drag in, or dump on our front porch, despite the fact we would be having dogs and cats stacked up like hot cakes in kennel crates, large carriers, and boxes.

Keeping animals healthy and adoptable means limiting our intake of animals, despite the fact of people calling five and six times a day whining about feral cats who wander around their property, 'abandoned' kittens and wayward alien beings. Making sure every animal has a clean cage, large enough for it, with food, water and such to make sure they are, or get healthy and adoptable, so they can be, well..adopted...and are not getting every illness known to animals due to over crowding and stress. (ask any kennel worker about an outbreak of ringworm...or even worse...parvo)

Bad service would be NOT designating those kittens with slight 'weepy' eye or a cough as not available.

Good customer service IS designating those kittens (or cat, or dog, or puppies) as not available at this time. We want you to be able to take home a healthy animal. We can get our Vet to give US the medication needed, so we can clear up the weepy eye, diarhea, cough or slight infection. Then YOU get the healthy animal, that your vet can check over. Less money for you to give out. Besides...do you REALLY want to spend the next week or two trying to put goop in that kittens eye? I would have them all in back, but Isolation is full.

Bad service...this one is a tough one. I CAN tell people, 'well, we do have such and such type cat or kitten, but it is not currently ready for adoption' Bad service is telling people...yes you can have this animal when it is ready. Better customer service is to not even mention it, because sure as anything that is the cat who will be felv positive, or the one out of a thousand or more that won't wake up from the sleepy shot before surgery. (I've had one kitten who didn't wake up...out of who knows how many in two years)

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