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It all started with a *crunch*

I am in the midst of a bad service experience that has unfortunately evolved into poor service from more than one company.

Disclaimer: My irritation has cause some poor grammar. Sorry.

It all started on June 23rd, when I was sitting in my car, at a complete stop, at a red light. The Morf Transit van ahead of me (a transportation service for people with special needs), put his van into reverse and backed into me. Once I saw his reverse lights go on, I checked behind me to see if it was safe for me to back up, and put my vehicle into reverse, but didn't have time to move before he hit me. I honked just before impact, as it dawned on me that he hadn't checked behind him before backing up. I never did learn why he backed up.

After the accident, the driver came out of his vehicle, yelling a bit and called me "girl" in a very condescending, offensive manner. He was more polite after he calmed down, fortunately. We pulled over to the side, the police made a report (I was not at fault), exchanged information. Another Morf employee showed up and took pictures of my car. We then went on our merry, separate ways.

I was working the rest of the week, so I brought my car into the repair shop of my choice for an estimate the following Monday. The shop was lovely, no complaints there.

The man handling the logistics actually works at Benways, a taxi company that owns Morf Transit. I update him on the estimate, and he was VERY rude over the phone, and demands to see a copy of the estimate. He also stated that "I don't think we are gonna cough up that kinda money," in a snarky tone of voice.

I go to drop off the estimate, and politely ask them to please copy it for me, as I don't have access to a copy machine. They make a poor copy, and keep the original estimate (which I didn't realize until after I had left). The woman I gave the estimate to rolled her eyes at me when I told her where I got my estimate, and wanted me to get the car fixed in their garage, by their repair guy. I was very polite and told her that I felt more comfortable getting my car fixed at a repair shop I was familiar with.
As I was exiting the building, another employee squirted me with a hose. I apologized for getting in his way, and he just laughed and said "I should probably be the one apologizing," but failed to do so.

Four days later, I had still heard nothing. I call Benways, and they told me that they decided to put the claim through to their insurance, so I should expect a call soon. Again, the person I spoke with was rude. It wasn't anything specific they said, just a general tone of complete and utter disgust.

Fast forward to one week later, when the insurance company finally contacts me. They schedule an appointment for the next day to come to my house and look at my car. The agent was an hour late, but to his credit he did call ahead to warn me. He took more pictures of my car, and recorded an interview with me. He asked me a bunch of questions, including my age, where the accident took place, and where I worked. At NO TIME during this interview did I either give him my work phone number, or give him permission to call me at work. As a side note, I wasn't scheduled to start that job until the following Monday (today). He told me he would contact me in a couple of days. I was starting to become optimistic.

Anyway, today, 19 days after the accident, I receive a message at work, asking to call "Bob" about the car accident. I was shocked/horrified to receive a message at work, on my first day at the job seeing as I hadn't even given my own mother that phone number. I told my supervisor that I had not given out this phone number to ANYONE, and hadn't given anyone permission to call here, and apologized profusely. Luckily she was very understanding about the whole thing.

I call back on my break and get Bob's voicemail. I tell him to please do NOT call me at work, and gave him my home number. When I get home, I found he had left a somewhat cranky message on my machine, claiming he was given my work number, and had no reason to believe that it was not ok to call me there. Anyway, he ALSO needs to look at my car and take some pictures. He has yet to call back to make an appointment.

In order for him to get my work number, someone in that insurance office must have looked it up. Eventually I hope to find who that was. I also left a message with the original insurance guy I worked with, telling him to basically please stop distributing my work number.
Anyway, at this point I am pretty frustrated with the whole experience. I was clearly not at fault, seeing as I was not moving at the time of the accident. While my car is drivable, my left front blinker isn't working, so I have had to make hand signals for the past 19 days.
Also, to clarify, I have been painfully polite during all of this. I have not yelled, uttered a swear, or have been even remotely rude. When I left my most recent voicemails I did have a clearly upset tone to my voice, but explained clearly and reasonably why it was not ok for them to call me at work.
I am trying to figure out my next step in this process. Here are the options I came up with:
1. Write a letter to the president of Morf/Benway's describing my experience, and asking for a swift solution, and potentially additional compensation. I doubt they would give me any extra money without involving a lawyer, but it might be worth a shot.
2. Request an IMMEDIATE rental car, with the hope that the added expense would speed up the process of getting my car fixed.
3. Get a lawyer involved. This is not my first choice, since I don't have a lot of money right now.

I tried calling my insurance company, but the only way that they could help me is if I made a claim. This would cost me my $500 deductible (which I would probably get refunded), and I would lose my safe driver discount.

Sorry this post is so long, it seems that nothing about process has gone smoothly. Any suggestions would be lovely. Thank you for letting me vent :)

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