outstanding (phenomenal) wrote in bad_service,

This is minimal, but still seemed worth posting to me, though I didn't actually receive any service.

I've been in the process of moving. I decided to hire a cleaner come clean the house instead of doing it myself. I looked on Yelp and found what I thought was a promising small local company.

On the website it indicated that move-out cleanings required a 50% deposit upfront before they would schedule the appointment.

On 6/12 I emailed the company to request a move-out cleaning quote. A few hours later I received the quote. I then emailed back to say I was interested in hiring them for 6/30. I never heard back. On 6/14 I went on the website and filled out the "New Customer Form." That same day I was emailed back and told me that was the wrong form to fill out - I needed to fill out a quote request form. I emailed back and said I had already filled out that form and had received the quote and would like to have them come clean 6/30. That evening she emailed me again and said they were available on 6/30 and asked for my address. I emailed her my address that day.

I never heard back. I never received a time appointment. I never received information about the deposit. I never received any type of confirmation.

By 6/20 I was feeling anxious. I hadn't had the appointment confirmed, I was moving in 10 days, and I had other stuff to worry about too (like getting utilities turned on/off, packing, and a family party in the middle.) If the house wasn't cleaned by a cleaner, I'd have to do it and I just didn't have time.

At this point, I was going to call them and see what was up. But after talking to my mom, she suggested I just find another company. This company had already been hard to communicate with, as they gave me a quote, didn't help me schedule an appointment then, and then completely forgot I had actually received the quote in the first place.

I decided she was right, that this wasn't worth stressing about and since no appointment slot had been scheduled (in my mind, since I wasn't given a time and I hadn't paid the deposit) and they never emailed me after I gave them my information, I found another company. The other company was very responsive and gave me my appointment time and confirmed everything was set up.

On 6/29 I checked my email and saw that the first cleaning company had emailed me. This was not the same person I had communicated with previously who I presume was the owner. This email came from the cleaner. The email read, " I am confirming your cleaning appointment for tomorrow. Please let me know if this is no longer good for you."

Note: They still didn't actually give me a time or anything. I don't know why they think I would want to sit around all day just waiting for a cleaner, but anyway..

I emailed her back and said "I actually am not going to be needing a cleaning tomorrow. I never heard back about the time of the appointment or had confirmation that the appointment was actually made and have found other accommodations."

Minutes later the owner of the business emailed me the chain of emails (where I gave her my information and she never responded with the appointment information,) and said, "This was scheduled for the 30th.... Seems pretty clear in the email"

I decided not to respond to this email, but seriously what kind of business practice is this? If you're going to schedule appointments you need to let the customer know the appointment is scheduled. And how am I supposed to know you wrote it in your schedule when you never gave me a time and you never charged me the deposit that the website says has to be paid prior to the cleaning?

I'm contemplating leaving a Yelp review, but since I didn't actually receive their services I don't know if I should.

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