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Verizon wireless

Verizon wireless really sucks. I'm not kidding I got two phones with them back in may one for me one for my gf plus two tablets. the tablets work great we love them! the phones not so much with in days they wouldn't power on or get video so we took them to a repair shop and was told to claim warranty on them. We did. my gf got her phone really quick. Me? that's where the suck is. they will NOT give me a new phone and are being rude bullies about it. I have talked to fraud department and been called every name in the book from "Loser" to "Moron" from "Scamming liar" to "whore" because I have a gf. I've been asked "Why should we do our jobs and give you a phone?" I've been asked "Why do you need a new phone already?" I've been told "Liars go to repair shops people who are telling the truth shut up and put up." I've even gotten mad and asked "Why don't you want to give me a working phone? Isn't this a phone company?" only to be given the answer of "Because you're a liar and your phone works fine how else are you calling us?"

on my HOUSE phone idiots. on my HOUSE phone. (No I didn't say this out loud to them I just said "Um on another phone that works?")

they even told me I May not have a phone for 6 months (May not as in "You may not go outside it's raining." not "We may not go today I'm not sure.") as if I were a toddler asking for a toy.

what really made me mad was when they told me they expected me to pay for all my lines even if one isn't working.

to me that seems wrong and doesn't make sense. is this common with phone companies to treat people like this and make them pay for things that don't work?
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