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Quick Update: Missing Package

So...my package did show up.

When I called the US Postal Service on the 17th they told me that it should take about forty-eight hours for them to hear back from them, which never happened. The 18th passed with no call, and the same went for the 19th. I decided to give them a call on the afternoon of the 20th to see what was happening with the case (as in, where the hell was my package). The lady I got pretty seemed to rush me, and she interrupted me when I tried to give a brief introduction to the situation. I was told that it had not been forty-eight hours and that I would be getting a call by 5pm that evening. Which never happened.

I was busy this weekend and today as I was starting my new job.

Well, my package finally did show up. It was delivered today today to one of my neighbors, who handed it to my parents. So not only was it delivered almost a week after tracking claimed it was, they managed to deliver it to the wrong address. I am lucky that my family is on good terms with the people who live next door to us, or else my package might not be in my hands right now. All I know now is that I am not too happy with the postal service, but I am not angry at them.

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