Atropos (atropos_lee) wrote in bad_service,

Pret A Manger London: Cut for Grossness

Stomach churning moment in Pret just off Oxford Street last night...

Finished my coffee and a chapter of my book, and queued for one of the loos before heading home.

After three minutes the disabled door opened, and one of the Pret staff emerged.  He looked startled to see a queue, but let me pass into the vacated loo.

The toilet was unflushed.  The seat down, and liberally sprinkled with urine.  As was the floor.  There was a pair of discarded shorts draped over the baby change table.  And worse still?  The sink was bone dry.  Whatever the employee was doing in there, it didn't involve hand washing.

I checked the loo.  Flush working fine.  I checked the sink.  Plenty of soap and hot water available.

The icing on this already nasty cake?

It was the same employee who had made and handed me my coffee 30 minutes earlier.  Yeuchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update: Pret got back to me on the 23rd, with thanks, apologies, a promise to do better, and the offer of a £10 gift card.  I'm thinking I won't be using the gift card in that particular branch ...
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