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Missing package.

This is not quite bad service, but it is not fun to have a package that has been 'delivered' but it is nowhere to be found.

Quick Update 6/18/2014:

No package, but the US Postal Service has another day to contact me. Hoping the package turns up tomorrow, but at this point I am doubting it.

Last week I went up to Kohls to pick up some shorts for my upcoming summer job. As I did not find anything in the store that were in my size or fit my job's dress code, I decided to order two pairs of shorts in their in-store kiosk. The process was easy, and they gave me an estimated delivery between June 17th and June 20th. I was fine with that, and I did not worry about the package not getting to me. I had ordered from Kohls many times before, and the packages were always delivered on times, if not earlier than the estimated delivery time.

After getting up this morning around 2pm I went to my e-mail to get my tracking number, to see where my package was. While originally the package was in the hands of Fed Ex, they ended up delivering the package to the US Postal Service at 6:18am, according to tracking. At 10:06am the package was sent out to delivery, and then at 12:38pm the package had been delivered to my address

I thought something to the extent of,"Great! It should be outside then."

So I look outside on the front porch, where they leave the packages, and there is nothing. I check inside the bushes, around the buses, behind chairs, and any place that could be seemed a hiding place. I look to see if the accidentally delivered to one of my neighbor's and that turns out to be a dead end. I even looked at the back of the house just in case they decided that it would be a wonderful idea to leave a package there.

I even drive to another house that often gets our packages and vice versa. That is a dead end as well. (The house has a very similar address to my own. An example would be my address being 1234 Cherry Lane and their address being 1234 Red Cherry Lane.)

I cannot find it. I ask my mom and she says that she has not seen a package. In fact, she came home right after the package was 'delivered' and saw nothing.

So I call the US Postal Service and manage to get to a real person after dealing with the frustrating, automatic system. In shorts I tell the lady the situation, and she takes my information as well as gives me a case number. I will be getting a call from the US Postal Service within 48 hours, assuming that everything goes to plan. I even called Kohls to see if they needed to do anything from their end, but apparently calling the US Postal Service was enough (for now).

I am just frustrated. This is the first time I have ever dealt with a missing package. I am hoping that it turns up later because they marked it delivered before it was actually delivered. I assume that it was delivered to the wrong house, or it is just sitting somewhere.


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