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Broke, and it isn't a joke.

I work for a major university in New York State and am constantly bombarded with "out of service" at many mechanical devices throughout campus.

The one (and only) elevator is down at least DAILY in our building, and the attached building has two down at least every other day.  This leaves only one other one, far-far-away in the another building.

I use it so I don't have to climb three flights of stairs to my office, but there are delivery people, mail services, and other people that NEED it to transport things.

A call to our facilities department just returns them to fix an obviously time-has-come elevator that needs to be replaced.  They're original to the building, and the building is approaching 50 some years of age.  The last few banks of calls inform us that the elevator *was* fixed, but no-one remembers it being "up" and "running" after it was "fixed".

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