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Update #3 to Police Bad Service. (TW Sexual Assault)

First post, about terrible hospital experience - has been resolved to my satisfaction. (

Second post, about my unhappiness with the police and their handling of my case. (

And now, here we are, a week later. Good news, he was arrested! (On the 27th.) Held without bail for now. Annoying news, I was NEVER notified of this, as I was promised I would be. I have call the alleged detective in charge of my case two more times since my last post - nothing. So, to recap, I gave my initial report on the 12th of May, five days after the assault. (Which, in and of itself was a traumatic experience. If a woman comes in to report a rape/sexual assault and there is LITERALLY no one to sit with her, you wait until someone becomes available, not hand her a clipboard and make her sit in a room by herself sobbing.)

That very weekend, on Friday the 16th, I'm contacted by a Sergent who asks if I think I can ID him from a photo lineup. He takes my statement again, and I do the lineup, and can correctly pick out my attacker. This Sergeant tells me that they will be issuing the warrant for his arrest this weekend and I will be notified as soon as it happens.

Yeah .... no. Fine, I get that they can't pull warrants out of their asses and that the legal system is clogged. But no call, really? No call to say, "hey, I know it's taking longer, but we're working on it?" And the most egregious, to me, is that I received no phone call after his arrest. I would have no clue if I hadn't been checking the Judiciary website compulsively to see if it's safe to leave my house yet. Blegh, I am just disgusted.

I took the advice of many and have made contact in the DA's office, there is a wonderful advocate there who actually gives me information and will be there for me on June 9th for his bail hearing, especially if I have to testify. (Again, something I would loooove to be informed about by the police before they serve with a subpoena, but I'm not betting on it.)

Thanks very much to everyone who offered hugs, advice, and support, it means a lot! <3 xo
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