Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,


I was out running errands, and their big neon sign "Drive-Thru Open" was on. I could go for a root beer! I thought, and pulled in. There was another car in the lane, so no worries! Except then I wouldn't be posting here!

As soon as I pulled up to the speaker, I got "We're closed". Oh, bummer. Guess they left their sign on, I thought. Pulled on through, but slowed at the actual window so I could see their hours.

Their posted hours? Open until 9:30pm. Actual time? 9:20pm. I get that it was *close* to closing. I get that they had no idea what I wanted, and I'm sure they just wanted to clean and go home. But I also know that when I was in the service industry, if someone walked in 2 minutes before closing, then we just sucked it up and served them! It's the freaking drive-thru; not like I was going to camp-out for hours in their lobby. Even if I had ordered a full dinner, I still would (should) have been gone before their supposed closing time.

I sent feedback through the website, but I doubt it'll do much. :/

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