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Catlin Marie

Phone service customer service, that isn't

Posting my complaint to the BBB.

I have tried going into the store, and I have tried calling 1800 cricket.
No one has resolved this successfully, or even made an actual attempt to do so. The woman at the store told me to call the 1800 line. The woman on the 1800 line would not even forward me to a supervisor. The facebook pr person told me to e-mail them and there has been no reply.

In March, I needed to replace my cell phone. At that time I had an account with 3 phones, 2 of which were smart phones, one was not. The salesman offered me the new 5 phone line account, for $100. I specifically asked him, as there were signs about the merger to AT&T, would the phones and new plan still work. He very specifically said yes, that it would grandfather in.
No one in my family besides myself needed a new phone, and my daughter certainly did not Need a phone. The Only reason I agreed was that he had said the plan would grandfather in. Now I find out that not only will the plan Not in fact grandfather in, the phones will not either.
I spent 500 dollars buying new phones, of which only 100 would I have spent had he been honest and said no, or even that he did not know at that time. I would Not have picked up the extra lines for my daughter or my disabled mother. Due to this man's lie, I spent 400 dollars I would not have spent, and will have to -respend- within months, and in the future have to change accounts, spending at LEAST 40 dollars a more, if I read the website correctly.
The best the girl at the office would offer was the 4 lines for 100, at which point I am paying for the fifth line completely on it's own. The repeated answer was that I have until March to do this repurchase and account change. This is not an improvement. I bought the phone thinking I was purchasing a tool, not an expendable toy. This is completely unacceptable. Deceptive sales tactics are not what I have come to expect after having Cricket service for 13 years.

Just as an update, I called again today as I had not heard anything in the two weeks since I first contacted them, and the CS girl on the phone told me I had to go into the store, where they could offer me a trade in credit on the phones, but she could not tell me how much, and according to the Cricket Facebook page, they are offering 50 bucks for 500 dollar phones. I somehow doubt my little 100 buck phones will have much trade in credit. I have still gotten no word back from the e-mail, and the facebook CSR just repeats the same line, that we have until March to find a phone we like, so it isn't that bad!.

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