design_star_21 (design_star_21) wrote in bad_service,

Dry cleaner update

I went back to the dry cleaners today to get my dress back and see if my friend who is getting married could have her seamstress fix it. I left it there so they can see if they can fix the beads and then when I realized it wasn't going to happen, decided to just get it because I paid for it and maybe this woman could help me.

It is a good thing I did because look at what I found when I looked at my dress once again! (I don't know how to size, so I just put them under a cut!)


The dress came straight from my alterations lady and was inspected by three different people before I left. NONE of the rips were there, nor was the stain. They told me it was ripped and they had put a defective sticker on it (Which, even if it was, they never told me) and that sometimes stains don't come out. (How a stain can magically appear is beyond me though!)

I posted reviews on Yelp, on my business page on Facebook, Twitter and contacted BBB. The manager saw and called me to tear me a new one and--hand to God--called me a mean hashtagger because I hashtagged it as bad service. (because we are five) I finally got her to agree to give me $50 to pay for my new dress. (That I was lucky to find on sale at Macy's where I originally got it.)

She said I don't deserve it and she is doing it out of the goodness of her heart. REALLY? Almost ruining a wedding, messing up a dress and lying about it doesn't deserve compensation?

OH!!! and she offered me free alterations on it....I told her there was no way in hell I was letting her touch anything of mine ever again.
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