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My pub has been having electrical issues for about 4 days now. The circuit that the Coca Cola machine and gents hand driers are in tripped on Sunday night and that was it, it wouldn't turn back on. At first we thought it was a fault with the coke machine, but a repair guy fully checked it and said the machine was working fine. So we got an electrician from the hand drier company to come out.

He was a lovely man, and he checked out the hand driers, but they weren't causing the issue. He did a bit of detective work though, tracing the cable from the circuit board in the cellar to where it goes through the floor up to the gents loos, and at this point he found the issue.

Flash back a few months. We had just taken over the pub and the beer cellar was totally overhauled for us by a large lager company. Well, one of their guys managed to put a nail right through the cable supplying the hand driers. It's been ok for a few months, but as was inevitable eventually it started arcing and that's what has been causing our issues. He showed me the nail, the area around is charred and we are damn lucky we didn't have a fire.

Seriously, our cellar was supposedly fitted out by professionals, but what kind of ass puts a nail through an electrical cable?! He's lucky he didn't fry himself, and we are lucky the place didn't catch fire.

So now we have to get the cable replaced, though the nice hand drier man isolated it from the circuit board so our coke machine works at least. The lager company will be getting a VERY angry phone call from us though!


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