design_star_21 (design_star_21) wrote in bad_service,

Dry cleaning drama

So, I am in a wedding party in two weeks and recently got my dress altered because I am Snooki-short. Looks gorgeous and perfect!

I decide to get it dry cleaned because, well, who wants a dirty dress? I bring it to the local place by my job and they say it will take a couple of days. I say that's fine because I will be around and able to pick it up whenever it is done. Since it is beaded, they have me sign a release allowing them to clean it, with no real explanation as to why. I figure this is standard, so I sign it.

I get a call Friday (when I am already having a bad day!) and find out some of the beads have come loose, but not noticeable. I say ok, I will be in Monday to get it. (I wasn't going to get back in time to pick it up)

I go in yesterday to pick it up and HOLY HECK! The beads are not just falling off, but melted, faded and look like a preschool project gone wrong. They still make me pay, but say the manager will give me a call to discuss what to do. I said I wanted a reimbursment, but they said I still had to pay and if I get reimbursed I lose all rights to my dress. At this point, I am already tired for working 5 12 hour days in a row, I just pay and go back to work since I am doing this all on my lunch break. I figured if I say anything I would end up crying or cursing someone out, neither of which would be good.

manager calls today and she says too bad, there is nothing we can do, sorry we ruined your dress you need! I ask if I can be reimbursed and she says no, but I can have a store credit. For a store that ruined my dress and takes no responsibility. Right. I told them that they ruined my dress and it is needed for a wedding so they can either fix it or replace it. They tell me no, since it is beaded and I signed something saying they could clean it and this never happens. (I was told to sign it to allow them to clean, not waive responsibility for damages) I am currently waiting for the owner to call me back because I am so angry. I now have to buy a new dress with money I don't have and get it re-altered. Luckily, the alteration place I went to said they would do it for free since they are friends with my mom.

Needless to say, I am not happy!
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