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Hi, just joined. I live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, therefore these conversations are translated from French. I'm always the one speaking, as my dad can't speak French.

This is exactly bad service, just worse than usual.
My dad and I went to the movies yesterday (War of the Worlds ROCKED!) and I clearly said one adult and one child for War of the Worlds.
The cashier repeats: "One adult and two children?"
I say, "ONE child."
We later find that she gave us the wrong tickets. -_-; We found it anyway (there are thirteen cinemas). The cashier was nice though, and very apologetic that the credit card machine didn't work, so I guess I might have talked too quickly or quietly (I have a tendency to do that). That's disappointing, though, 'cause this time I was determined to say it well! xD

And also, when I was buying the popcorn:
The Solo Menu is a medium popcorn and a medium drink.
I walk up to the register and say, "I'd like a Solo Menu with ice t--"
The cashier, with an annoyed expression, cuts me off and says "drink?"
"Ica tea and sa--"
"Salty or sugary popcorn?"


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