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Fandango - annoying to bad

Ugh. This is so stupid.

I contacted Fandango via live chat today because on May 12th I preordered tickets to see Godzilla, and today I received two discount codes. One for $2 off one ticket and one for $1 off one ticket.

I got on live chat to ask if it can be added to my order or if I can be refunded for the $2 offer, or maybe even be given the amount as credit in the system for use on a future ticket, since I already preordered my tickets just two days prior.

To start with, the customer service agent was making lots of spelling mistakes and was not at all reading any part of what I was saying. I gave my information in the form, and the agent asks me for all my information again (honestly, this is a huge peeve of mine. Why can't companies pass on the information to their agents? Why do the customers have to waste time repeating it piece-by-piece when they could have it all there to start with?).

Then they tell me that they can't cancel tickets. Ok, well, I don't want to cancel the tickets, I just want to know if I can use my promo code somehow, since the tickets are already purchased and I just received this promo code that I now cannot use because I already preordered my tickets. I wouldn't have preordered them two days ago if I had known I could get additional money off, and since it's only $2, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal for them to apply a credit to my account or something.

Then the agent tells me that the promo code was applied and I got my service fees waived due to the code. ... No, that's because of my Stubs card. o _O

Then the agent tells me there was no promo code applied to my order. o _O Which I know, because that's why I'm contacting them about.

The agent then asks me for the promo code, I give it to her, then flip back to the email to read over it again. When I go back to the chat, the agent has dropped me without saying another word. >:C (It had been less than 30 seconds.)

I didn't expect to get the $2 back, but I had hoped to get at least slightly competent customer service. I figured it was worth a shot to ask if I could get it, since it's barely been two days since I placed my order.

After reading other reviews, it turns out that once a CS rep has had enough of dealing with you, they just disconnect you. It sounds like the CS reps can literally do NOTHING to help any customer in nearly any situation. Apparently even supervisors will say "Oh yea, we'll refund you" then will send an email to you stating that there are no refunds. I really can't blame them if providing the worst customer service possible is Fandango's policy.

How are these people still in business? I drive by my theater every weekend, so from now on I'll just stop by when I want to preorder tickets.

Edit: I sent a message through their email to let them know what happened (eta: in regards to the CS agent dropping the call, not the promo code), and they didn't even reply to that. They did make the claim that if I wanted to purchase new tickets (it's reserved seating and any decent tickets are sold so, how about no?) they would refund me my old purchase. But I've read dozens of reviews that say they were promised the same thing and then told that they don't cancel/refund tickets. (Even in the case of emergencies, such as someone pulling their ACL and having to go to the hospital, or etc.) So even if there were good seats left, there is NO WAY I would trust them to do that.
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