Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

Went to a small place known as the Corner Cafe Bakery near the hotel my boyfriend and I were staying at (he was visiting, and we booked a hotel out of town).

The place was nice and well-decorated, but the service was something to be desired. We went up to the tills, ordered our food, and then sat down with our number marker. We were a certain order number and they'd find us at the table using this marker, and bring our food to us. We were #102.

The same guy who rang us up began delivering food and he delivered to people who had arrived AFTER us, first. #104 sat right in front of us and they got a larger order of food first. We didn't get our food for at least 15 minutes, and when we did, it was lukewarm and turning cold. The only reason we could come up with was that it was left sitting while we were waiting for it to be brought to us- the guy passed us several times and made eye contact with me, yet he still failed to deliver our food in a timely manner.

My boyfriend ordered a type of stuffed croissant and he said it was cold, and the bacon was solid. I ordered a grilled meatball panini and the meatballs were cool and nothing about my panini was warm or hot. It was sad because the place looked so nice and I had higher expectations. The drinks (a slushie and a coke) were better than the actual meal.

I went back to the till and was able to get a refund. The woman there was apologetic and nice, and she kept saying "just call for me if you come see us again!" ...I felt really bad for telling my boyfriend we wouldn't be going there again when we got to my car. But honestly my first impression of that place was terrible and I don't feel right going to eat there again.
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