A reading diary (niceorc) wrote in bad_service,
A reading diary

Frustrating turned good service

The lock on the driver's side of my car stopped working, and my usual garage gave me the name of an auto electrician to go to. I rang them and they said it would take about half a day, and they couldn't give me a quote for the cost until they'd looked at it. Fair enough, so I went to drop it off first thing in the morning on my way to work. Found the address easily, parked out the front. There were two doors, one clearly labelled with another company's name, the other blank. So I went to the second door, found myself in a hallway with a blank door to my left, door with a window leading out to a workshop area straight ahead, and another door with a sliding window to my right. Through the right-hand window I could see a person sitting at a desk. He looked up when I came in and made eye contact, but didn't come to the window. He turned away and was talking to someone I couldn't see. I waited a bit but no-one else came up, so I thought I might be in the wrong place. I couldn't see anyone in the workshop area, so I went back outside to see if there was a sign I'd missed. Nothing. Checked with the other company's office and they said yes, [auto electrician] was definitely through the first door I tried. So I went back in, knocked on the door where I'd seen the man and went in. He stopped talking and I asked if this was [auto electrician] he said yes, go through the left-hand (unlabelled) door in the hallway and he would find someone out the back to help me.

I went through and eventually the same guy came in behind the counter! I felt like I was in a Monty Python sketch (except he didn't have a false moustache). He said he couldn't find anyone (glad it wasn't just me!) and finally took my details, and said he would look at the car and ring me when they could tell me what needed done and how much it would cost. I went away feeling a bit grumpy.

Then it got to 1pm and they hadn't rung. I rang them and the guy answering the phone said he hadn't had a chance to look at it yet because of an emergency. Ok, fair enough. So I wait, and wait and wait...

At 5 past 5, when I'm just leaving work to catch the bus home, figuring I could leave it overnight, he rings. He apologises for taking so long, and says there will be no charge because all he had to do was put some oil in the lock! Apparently it was gunked up and that was all, and he said he couldn't in good conscience charge me!

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