_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Would this be considered "Bad service" or just a "Bitchy GM" story?

My GM has gone bonkers. I can understand if I went to my work on my day off, distracted my co-workers from doing their jobs, and smoked near the front door [which I've been told not to do]. But, the other day my friend [a former employee] came to visit me and get food. She was outside, smoking a cigarette about 10 feet from the front door. She was waiting for her order to be ready, and not talking to anybody. My GM goes outside, and tells my friend that she can't smoke near the front door. "Take it over by the tables. We've gotten complaints about employees smoking near the door". Then, my friend goes inside to eat, and still hasn't talked to the people working. My GM tells her to leave, because she's distracting the employees and they're not working. Yes, she was a former employee, but she hasn't worked there for months. Can my friend do anything about this? Every time she comes in, even if she's not distracting us, she gets asked to leave, for distracting us.

- side complaint about my job [at Del Taco]. If somebody on taco bar makes an item with tomatos on it, when the item was not supposed to have tomatos on it, they'll just pick out the big chunks, wrap it up, and pass it out. Only, if I see this, I won't let them pass it out. I make them remake the entire thing. Allergic to certain things? I'd recommend not eating at Del Taco. Or watching them make you food. Chances are, what you didn't want will end up somewhere in your food, unless they pay attention. And the fact that out of 20 employees, I know [for a fact] that 9 of them would fail drug tests, I doubt that they'll be paying attention to your order any time soon.
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