Cassandra Terra (cassandraterra) wrote in bad_service,
Cassandra Terra

About a month ago my friend Mel got a discount for a two hour hot tub session at a local spa. She invited me to go along as well as her sister, mom, and another friend.

We got an out door spa and it was great until we noticed cigarette butts and some wrappers left on the deck. This was supposed to be a smoke free environment. Mel, her family and I all have asthma. We were a little unhappy that it looked like they hadn't cleaned very well but let it go.

About an hour in we smelled cigarette smoke. First just faintly and then it got really strong. We decided to leave and called the front deck to complain. They were very apologetic and much to our delight offered a free two hour session at a date of our choosing any time in the next six months.

We go in today and choose an indoor hot tub. And as we are about to enter the tub we see a huge swarm of ants on the deck about a foot away from the tub. Mel said she has never had any issues with these guys. Since it was her coupon we left it up to her to complain or not. I think we should have. We did leave a comment card and mentioned the ant problem. No one want ants in the water or to get in your clothes/bags.

Do you think I should pressure her into complaining? Or does it just look like we are after freebies? Or is this just bad luck suck it up? We did stay the full two hours and there were no ants in the tub. So kinda a moot point. I didn't say anything since I was her guest and it was all under her name.

I don't think I'll ever go back.

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