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Annoying Sushi Service

We've been going to this sushi place for twenty-odd years, and this is the first time (that I know of) they've messed up an order. That said, it was so incredibly irritating that I need to vent a bit.

The first mistake was likely an honest mistake. I ordered a "tiger roll," but received a "spider roll." They sound similar, so I can see how that was messed up. They also forgot my mom's tuna roll, even though it was on the pick-up order. We called, explained, and they said they'd have the tiger roll and tuna roll ready in ten minutes. At this point, it's slightly annoying to have to go back again to pick it up; it's nearly 9 PM and I'm withering away to nothing at this point, but I wanted what I ordered!

My mom went to pick up the second order, and they brought it out to the car for us - no charge. I thought that was really awesome of them, until I actually saw the order when it was brought home and... not at all what we ordered. We got "Peter's" order: a California roll, a dynamite roll, and some kind of noodle dish. Now, I'll admit it's slightly my mom's fault for not checking before leaving, but we figured it would be okay (they had a twenty-year track record, after all!). We weren't going back a third time to get this sorted out, so we decided to just keep the order they gave us. Sorry you'll have to wait a bit longer for your food to be remade, Peter, but hey, I have lunch tomorrow!

And as I was typing this, they called to let us know they gave us the wrong order and asked if we wanted to pick up the tiger roll and tuna roll. Oops! I still want my tiger roll, but I don't drive, and my mom's not going back a third time, haha.
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