Ashli Brooke (ashlibrooke) wrote in bad_service,
Ashli Brooke

Bad Service?

It must not be meant for me or my hotel to order from Pizza Places. (I posted a while back about the cursing Pizza Hut employee) Anyway, on Friday I ordered from a local pizza place that I found out would deliver to my hotel. When the driver came in with my food, he said "Can I ask you a question? I've been working at said pizza place for 8 months, how come you all don't ever order from us?" He was very nice about it and I didn't mind answering.

I told him that Pizza Hut gives us free pizzas when we refer guests to them. And so that is what front desk and housekeeping normally do since it is free. But I explained that I don't care too much for Pizza Hut so I would order from them. And because I work the busiest nights Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I would refer customers to this local place when I work if like them (Obviously I am not going to refer people to a place that I would not eat at myself) He said that front desk gets 50% off pizza, 20% off of everything else and we don't have to have the $15 minimum to order. He told me to check out my food and see how I like it before he left. It was really good and I definitely would have recommended their pizza subs. I paid $12 plus a tip on Friday (This is what my total was before the arrangement was ever made)

This weekend has been dead. It's Easter weekend. We literally only had 6 rooms rented last night. 4 rooms tonight. Anyway, I went to order just a few minutes ago. When he asked which room I was in and I said front desk, his voiced dropped like "Oh" and he said, "Give me a minute, I have to talk to my manager" So I waited. When he came back he said, "Because you haven't sent us any guests we cannot honor the front desk discount" (It has literally been 2 days since we even set up an agreement. He never said I had to send anyone before he would deliver to me again with our arrangement) I said okay. I don't really mind paying full price. But then he said he wouldn't deliver to me under a $15 order.

I wanted to tell him that I haven't sent him anyone because we haven't had anyone to send. I had 1 check-in last night and only 6 rooms rented. If I had anyone to send to them, I would have. I told him nevermind because it's just me eating. My order would have probably been around $10 plus I would have tipped him but I wasn't going to order extra food just to get to $15.

I am not sure that this is bad service per say. I am just kinda like WTF. It has only been 2 days. If it had been 2 weeks, I could see their point. You'd think they would want me to try out there food so I could send people their way. Guests specifically ask how the food is when it comes to local places. (They obviously know what Pizza Hut is like because everyone has those) On busy weekends I would have probably sent them at least 20 rooms or more. (Pizza Hut even delivered 82 pizzas here one night by a referral from me. We get a lot of groups in peak season)

A lot of the local businesses have a 'scratch my back, we'll scratch your back' mentality when it comes to hotels. They gives us discounts or vouchers for referring people or just having their brochures in our lobby. (It has never been like this with any of them)

My question is, why did they deliver to me and only charge me $12 for my first order on Friday when that was before we even spoke about me referring guests to them? Why give me that discount then? Why not honor that now too? (I would not have ordered from them Friday had they tried making me pay a $15 minimum order) Maybe I am just overreacting. But it seems kind of cheap of them. Seriously. Give me a chance to send you people and take my orders too! I don't mind paying full price right now but making 1 person order $15 worth of food? Come on now.... :/
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