Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

Staples and TigerDirect B_S

I needed a part for my computer, so I called several stores around town to see if they had it in stock. After googling around for the name of the part (and figuring out the correct one) I called Staples to see if it was in stock, and had this exchange.

G: Guy
Me: Me

G: Thank you for calling Staples, how may I help you?
Me: Yes, I'm looking for (part name). Do you have any of these in stock?
G: ... Sorry, but that doesn't exist.
Me: Uh, yes, it's (part name) that connects to the back of the computer. I'm trying to hook up 2 monitors on my desktop to get it to work. (Part name) is the name I found on some official websites.
G: Sorry, but it doesn't exist.
Me: ... May I speak to a manager, please?
G: I am the manager.
Me: ...Okay. Nevermind, thank you. *hangs up*

The guy's English wasn't fluent, but I'm not going to penalize him for that- that had nothing to do with the exchange. However, if you're working at an office supply store that sells this computer part (I checked online and they did have it, under the exact same name), shouldn't you KNOW about it if you're a manager...? Ugh.

I ended up not going to Staples and called TigerDirect. They were super pleasant with me on the phone, knew what I was talking about, and had the part in stock. Great! I said I'd drive over to come purchase it.

I drive over there and walk into the store. I see an associate nearby and ask him for help and tell him what I'm looking for, maybe to lead me over to the section where they keep this part. That way I get it, go home, both parties are happy. Unfortunately, that's not how it goes. This associate doesn't even say a word to me, just kind of looks at me and beckons me to follow as he leads me over. I pause to ask him a question, and his cell phone goes off.
He puts a finger up to silence me and answers his cell phone in front of me on the store floor.

I found this extremely rude, and I made sure to show that I was not pleased. I didn't even bother to speak over his call, thinking it wouldn't be that long; he talked on his phone and completely ignored me for about a minute, so I got angry and walked away, and I was able to find the part myself. Afterward, I talked to a manager and told them what happened. Thankfully they were apologetic, and I was able to purchase the part and go home, but I'm still pissed off that the associate was so short and actually blew off a customer for a personal phone call. Next time I'll just order things online from NewEgg. Jeez.

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