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I dunno if this'd be a "bad_service," so feel free to delete if it isn't.

So, I live in an apartment complex. It's fairly large, 604 units on the property. I've lived here for going on two years, and have had no serious issues.

There's a slight pest problem (filthy neighbours can't be arsed to pick up after themselves, leading to pests), so the exterminators have been in several times over the last nearly 2 years that I've lived here. It's a pain in the ass to have to undo my kitchen and bathroom so they can come in and spray. I have lost count how many times they've had to come in. And don't even get me started on the bedbug fiasco of last summer. That was 7 weeks of homicidal tendencies just boiling under the surface, but since I'd rather NOT go to jail over some filthy pig*, I kept my mouth shut and just went along with things as best I could because I have a lack of desire to be charged for someone else's stupidity and a crippling fear of bugs.

The bugs are in the plumbing. The only thing that kept me from going completely off last night was the fact it's NOT bedbugs they're spraying for.


Normally when they send notices out, we're given two days advance notice about the exterminators coming in to spray, gives us time to prepare.

Last night was not such an instance, and to be fair, was the first time this has happened.

Hopefully it is the last time this fiasco happens, b/c I don't know how I'm going to handle it if it happens again.

Well, I had no idea about the exterminators coming in today until last night around midnight (this morning) when I went to walk my dog. I had opened my door and saw a notice on my door. UGH. AGAIN!? I noticed the treatment date was for today's date. It didn't click at first that today was the day until I checked the calendar to write it down as a reminder. Then I realized, HOLY CROW. I've got a very important appointment with my counselour today. I had to cancel that b/c I had no prior warning, and I had to be here to let the exterminators in (no one's allowed to enter my apartment without my being here, I am very weird about stuff like that, having total strangers in my living space and I'm not here, after last summer when they were given the wrong key for entry. After that. . .no.). So, I rang my counselour and left her a message that I had to cancel for today, could we please reschedule?

I went over to the office this afternoon to talk to the landlords. K and I have a pretty decent rapport, so I talked to her. She saw the look on my face and said, "Oh, no, what happened?" I handed her the notice and explained (calmly) that I had an appointment today that I had to reschedule b/c of this notice wasn't stuck on my door until midnight last night. What gives? She told me that she's just as confused as me, b/c they usually put them out at least two days prior. The notices for my building went out a day and a half ago. She didn't know why mine wasn't stuck to my door till last night.

She asked me if I wanted them to still come in and treat my home. Uh, might as well, I mean the apartment's torn apart and ready, so . . . yeah. She told me I'm welcome to come in and talk to B in the morning (or just call, but I'm going to go in and physically sit down with her), as B is the one who's in charge of scheduling and notices and all that. I want to know if there's a set schedule she goes by, b/c I am tired - beyond tired - of putting my life on hold b/c I have neighbours who can't be arsed to speak up when they see something's wrong - and bugs being about is wrong! SIGH.

*I know that bedbugs really has nothing to do with how clean a person's home is. Mine is very tidy and I got infested because someone else (a neighbour who happened to be a hoarder) didn't do anything about the problem and it went from "minor issue" to "invasion." I was the only one in my building who said anything to the landlords about the problem. SO GROSS.
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