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Just letting you guys know that Hamee/Strapya.com is a site you might not want to order from. Last time I ordered from them was a few years ago, and I had no problem. The items were shipped quickly and they were really nice.

I ordered some cellphone charms from them on the 26th of March, got them a week later and really enjoyed them, but that's not the problem. The problem is they've been playing around with my baking.

On the 26th, they took out the amount: $27.34 for my order. But for some reason, it was refunded back on April 02. (I wasn't sure at first it was them until I looked deeper into it, because the name was strange. The name listed says BERITORANS for both. It just confused me as to why they would refund me). Then, today I check my account (which I'm glad I did) and it says I have an overdraft $26.72 because STRAPYA.COM randomly decided to take $27.00 from my account on the 14th of April. And I had maybe a bit less than a dollar there because I'm between pays.

So, now I'm just confused. Do I go to the bank and dispute this or what? I can't call Hamee/Strapya themselves because their website only offers a Japanese phone number. There is no email, unless I'm blind and can't find it.

Also, my friend Lilli ordered something from them back in February and never got it. They do say that they are not responsible for lost mail if you do not request the extra postage for a tracker. So, either they've declined in service since I last ordered, or something's going on. She's since taken it up with paypal since that's 14 some dollars she paid for an item she did not receive. I can't really speak for her about this, since that's the only details I know. All I can say is, I'm not ordering from them again.

Edit: Okay, so I get that the first initial charge may have been pending, hence the refund. It's just confusing to me due to the different bank names/time periods. My bad. I'm not saying they can't have their money if that's the case. I checked their website about how they do charges on a credit (my card is a visa debit, so I can use it like a credit card), but it doesn't say anything about pending charges/my bank account itsself also didn't say the charge was pending. Maybe this isn't bad service and I'm just confused, I don't know.

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