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You must destroy to rebuild

WTF Service Turned Good... I HOPE!

I have a big birthday coming up.  I don't want to say, but let's just say it starts with a 3 and ends with a 0.  Because I never get the cake I want, I decided to go my local Baskin-Robbins to order delicious, delicious ice cream, chocolate crumble, fudge-y goodness myself.

I wanted to make sure that I ordered in with plenty of time to have them make a custom cake (the last time I got one at the last second, I had to choose blindly from their freezer & got ice cream + cake, without chocolate crumbles or fudge - even tho the server assured me it would have crumble bits in it - & the cake was terribly freezer-burned), so I called around March 15th just to ask how long ahead of time I should order a custom cake to give the store enough time to complete the order.  The gentleman on the phone (the manager, I believe) said "2-3... 4 days."  While that answer didn't give me the greatest confidence, I thought "Hey I'll give them 4 days, which is the top number he gave me, & there won't be any problem."

I went in yesterday to place my order for the party this Saturday.  When I said I wanted to order a custom cake, the young lady behind the counter went in back & brought out an older gentleman, whose voice I recognized as the same person I'd spoken to on the 15th immediately.  I repeated my reason for coming in & he said, "Oh.  No, I don't think we can possibly do that."

I was floored.  I came in within the window of time, giving him the longest amount of time he speculated the store would need despite him listing 3 different day amounts within LITERALLY 2 seconds.  I told him that I had called & he had said they would only need 4 days, which I had accommodated.  He didn't deny he was the person I had spoken to on the phone, even though, really, I was making an assumption that it was him by his voice (& the fact that he's the only older male I've ever seen working there... really one of the only men at that particular location, which I visit a lot because it's on my route from a major highway I take on the regular).  All he said was: "the woman who makes cakes came in yesterday.  We were out of cakes yesterday.  If you had come in yesterday...."

Finally, he took a coupon from the counter in order to take down my order.  He barely listened to what I wanted on the cake, didn't ask if I wanted cake & ice cream or just ice cream, assuming I wanted cake & writing down chocolate cake despite my insistence on wanting ice cream only.  I tried to order chocolate ice cream & chocolate chip mint, only to learn Baskin-Robbins custom cakes are either cake & a (limited) choice of ice cream flavors, or chocolate & vanilla ice cream with delicious crumbly chocolate fudge bits that were the whole reason for my going to Baskin-Robbins in the first place, so I ordered a 1/2 sheet "Over the Hill" cake with vanilla & chocolate ice cream.

I was so flustered by the insistence that 4 days wasn't long enough that I didn't even have him try to put "Happy Birthday" or my name on the cake.  I didn't want to continue the interaction with him any longer than I had to - it seemed like a HUGE inconvenience for him & he would much rather have me pick up a generic cake from the freezer again (he said so, in different words of course).  He said he would see what he could do & call me if there was a problem.

After talking to my Dad, I decided to call the store today & make SURE that we'd have a cake from them on Saturday.  Otherwise, we'd have to order from another Baskin-Robbins or Coldstone Creamery IMMEDIATELY so I'd get my birthday dessert of choice.  We made a plan of attack that included calling corporate if they couldn't comply with the time frame they'd specified, all of which turned out to be moot.

I got told today that they would definitely have the cake made for me, as requested, by Saturday at 4:30pm.

NOW.... let's just hope it actually is.  *Fingers crossed*

TL;DR - Manager at Baskin-Robbins tells me if I want to order a custom cake, I need to give him 4 days notice.  When I come in to order the cake, he tells me that I should have given him more time & tries to get me to take a pre-made cake from the freezer instead of getting the one I want.

Not BAD service, but still a WTF that made my blood boil for at least an hour afterwards.  It could still turn out badly too; I just won't know until Saturday after we all have dinner at a place that doesn't take reservations (even for parties of 11+ people).  I think this birthday is cursed. Just had to vent.

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